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The Lemurian Alphabet

Unlike our English alphabet, the Lemurian alphabet has only 24 letters. All of their letters can be matched up to one of ours except that Lemurians don't have a Q or Z. Although Lemurians usually write in columns from the bottom up, left to right, you can type English words with Lemurian letters in our usual left to right.


This is an example of a scrap of writing in traditional Lemurian. According to the Mu City Historical Preservation Society, it's a corner of a first draft of one of Demios Nog's works. You can see that instead of spaces, Lemurians use a wavy character.

You can download the Lemurian alphabet here. It's a true type font for a Windows machine. Sorry Macs, we'll get you one soon. To install on a Windows machine, save the file and then right click once it appears on your system. Choose the install button. Now you can write your friends notes in the lemurian language.

There are certain things you'll have to remember when trying to type using Lemurian letters. Since they don't have a Q or Z, it will be harder to use words with those letters. Most people use an S in place of a z when writing English in Lemurian script. Words like 'zoo' become 'soo'. To replace the Qu combination found in English words like 'Queen', use the letters Kw. This way 'queen' becomes 'kween'. They both sound the same, and your reader will be able to understand your note.

If you would rather try to handwrite your Lemurian, here's a handy guide.

Lemurian Alphabet

Thanks to Professor Rebecca Holt-Grow, Head of the Center for Lemurian studies at George Washington State University for her help.


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