Amazing Tales Bedtime Stories


By Ella Kennen

Illustrated by B. November Lyons


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ISBN: 978-1-933767-29-1

Bedtime Story, eBook

Price: $2.99


Tired of reading the same bedtime stories over and over again? Time for something a little new, a little out of this world? Welcome to Amazing Tales where classic bedtime tales have been reimagined for our modern (and beyond) times. Snuggle up with your loved one, and download this collection of futuristic bedtime classics today!


This complete bedtime collection includes:

  • Boyd, Who Cried Wolf
  • Clinker Adams and the Science Bowl
  • The Three Little Pwigs
  • The Tortoise and the Hare
  • Out of Thin Air


The following tales are also available for individual purchase:






Boyd, Who Cried Wolf

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ISBN: 978-1-933767-30-7

Bedtime Story, eBook

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Boyd thought that there was nothing more fun than playing pranks on the folks in his uncle’s town. At least that’s how he felt until something actually happened…. You and your youngster will be shaking your heads night after night over Boyd’s audacity in this imaginative retelling of the Boy Who Cried Wolf.


The Three Little Pwigs

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ISBN: 978-1-933767-33-8

Bedtime Story, eBook

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Unlike when the three little pigs were building their homes of straw, sticks, and brick, no one can put up any kind of structure these days without the proper permits. It seems the same holds true out in space where not all pwigs are the brightest creatures in the cosmos. They keep thinking they can just build any old structure wherever, much to the local building inspector's dismay. All that demolition creates quite the mess of paperwork. You and your child will giggle at the Pwigs' and the Inspector's antics until it's time to turn out the lights.


Out of Thin Air

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ISBN: 978-1-933767-31-4

Bedtime Story, eBook

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When Evelina Miller's father gets a little "creative" on Evelina's boarding school application, she finds herself locked in a warehouse with orders to spin oxygen out of the thin air of space. A mysterious alien appears and agrees to help her, but only for a steep price. Versions of the classic fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin have been thrilling children at bedtime since the Grimm Brothers included it in their first anthology 200 years ago. You and your child will snuggle up to this future classic—with its clever twist ending—night after night.





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