The Books

The Emerald Tablet
Book 1, The Forgotten Worlds Trilogy

Benjamin and his best friend Andy love being different from the other kids. They like being able to read each others minds and use their telekinesis to play tricks. In fact, they are getting set to spend their entire summer doing just that when Benjamin s mirror starts talking.

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The Navel of the World
Book 2, The Forgotten Worlds Trilogy

At the end of summer school, Benjamin was given only one task—find his missing brothers. Should be easy, right? But nearly a year’s gone by, and Benjamin hasn’t located a trace. To make matters worse, Benjamin’s doomed to spend Spring Break working at his dad’s office.

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The Necropolis
Book 3, The Forgotten Worlds Trilogy

The situation in Lemuria is rapidly deteriorating. In fact teleportation between the hidden continent and the outside world has become so dangerous, all agents and their families have been recalled.

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