The Navel of the World

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At the end of summer school, Benjamin was given only one task—find his missing brothers. Should be easy, right? But nearly a year’s gone by, and Benjamin hasn’t located a trace. To make matters worse, Benjamin’s doomed to spend Spring Break working at his dad’s office. The job sounds horrible until Benjamin finds out it’s really in Wondersky City back in Lemuria, and he’ll get to see his friends from the Emerald Tablet alliance for the first time since last summer.

Unfortunately, Benjamin’s job doesn’t give him much time for anything else. He and Andy are stuck in a room sorting through a few millennia worth of old files. And they can’t even talk about Benjamin’s problem since nosy Ryan Jordan is also working with them. Could Spring Break be any more boring?

Then, while trying to avoid a collapsing mountain of files, Benjamin discovers one with his name on it, which wouldn’t be so weird except the file happens to be several thousand years old. Who would have known about Benjamin that long ago? And then Benjamin and his friends begin to wonder, have they been looking not in the wrong place, but in the wrong time?

ISBN: 978-1-933767-14-6
Hardcover, Science Fiction

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"The Navel of the World is excellent middle school grade fiction...I highly recommend the Forgotten Worlds trilogy for later elementary and middle school readers."

Jen Robinson, Jen Robinson's Book Page

Five Stars - Recipient of the Gold Star Award for Excellence
"Goodness, these books are good! They are so jam-packed with adventure that it is hard not to love them. With the combination of the great plot and characters, along with the flawless writing, it was quite difficult to put the book down."

Teens Read Too

"The Navel of the World is one of those wonderful times where the sequel of a series is even better than the first. It was funnier, more original and faster paced. This book was just so much fun to read!"

Reader Rabbit

"What did I enjoy about this one? I loved the use of mythology. I loved the adventure. I loved the humor. And most of all I loved the time travel."

Becky's Book Reviews

"Fast paced action keeps the reader turning the pages...Fans of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series will enjoy this fantasy as will Garth Nix fans too!"

YA Books Central

"This one is better than the first. If you liked The Emerald Tablet, you'll love The Navel of the World."

Beth Revis, Writing it Out