The Members of the Emerald Tablet Alliance


Chosen as the champion of the Emerald Tablet, Benjamin had always thought of himself as just a normal kid — well, a normal kid with telepathic and telekinetic powers.


Best friends with Benjamin his entire life, Andy has always enjoyed using his powers to play sneaky pranks on people. But once he learns he's a telegen, he decides to put that mischief to good use as a future spy.


Pretty Iva has all the boys in the class wrapped around her little finger. Unfortunately for them, she's so busy being the greatest telegnostic in generations that she doesn't even notice.


Heidi may be able to break any mind block and read her friends' minds from miles away, but even without telepathy, they always know what she's feeling. Her hair's shifting color is better than a mood ring any day.


By far the smartest of the group, Gary's knowledge is only eclipsed by his regenerative powers. His telepathy and telekinesis might not be as strong as the others, but he knows more in his (often regrown) little finger than the four others combined.