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For thousands of years they've lain hidden beneath our oceans. Beneath each collossal dome lives two civilizations of powerful telegens — humanoid people that look like us but with powers we can only begin to imagine. For millenia the two worlds have been locked in a war over the fate of humanity with the Lemurians protecting humans and the Atlanteans elevating themselves as false gods. We may no longer remember Lemuria and Atlantis, but their most memorable figures live on in our myths.

However, a time is coming when telegens and humans may once again equally share this planet. And the job of protecting the humans from the Atlantean overlords now lies in the hands of five teenagers.

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The Necropolis

By PJ Hoover

The situation in Lemuria is rapidly deteriorating. In fact teleportation between the hidden continent and the outside world has become so dangerous, all agents and their families have been recalled. Although Benjamin is pleased to be living in Lemuria full time, he knows he needs to find his last sibling soon. However, between classes, a murderous half-brother, and complications with his friend Heidi, Benjamin can barely focus. Besides, there’s only one place left they haven’t searched — the hidden continent of Atlantis.

ISBN: 978-1-933767-15-4
Hardcover, Science Fiction

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