One Thousand Words for War


"Nineteen rising stars answer a challenge to write in a distinctive narrative frame native to East Asian literature . . . . If none of their authors are household names (yet), each [story] is well-crafted and thought-provoking in both form and content." —Kirkus Reviews


Edited by Madeline Smoot and Hope Erica Schultz

Including Stories by Susan Bianculli, Cathy Bryant, Anthony R. Cardno, Mara Dabrishus, Steve Dubois, Darrel Duckworth, Sarah Lyn Eaton, Valerie Hunter, Anne E. Johnson, Ameria Lewis, Bethany Marcello, Nori Odoi, Laura Ring, Hope Erica Schultz, Walt Socha, C.H. Spalding, Lisa Timpf, and Renee Whittington


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Paperback, Anthology, Science Fiction, Fantasy




Imaginative and original, One Thousand Words for War explores in various fantastic settings the different types of conflict—from powerful internal and external conflicts with the potential to destroy the main character’s world to the peace that comes from accepting change. Whether it's a transgendered girl standing up to bullies or a child soldier trying to save his fellows from war, this collection shows the powerful ways teens can overcome and embrace extraordinary circumstances.

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