The Last Tree

(Coming November 2016)


By Denise Getson

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Personal freedoms versus a government committed to the greater good collides in this timely look at the aftermath of a world destroyed by capricious human behavior.


Kira has never felt a drop of rain, but she carries a sea within her. In Kira’s world, nothing is more precious than water, meaning nothing is more precious than Kira’s gift. While the few remaining humans struggle to survive on an inhospitable Earth, the world government, desperate to control an even more desperate people, rations the few remaining natural resources, especially water. When the government, in the form of a bureaucrat named Thorne, discovered that Kira could draw water to her, refilling dried lakes, streams, and riverbeds, he initially tried to keep her prisoner and to use her to fulfill his own agendas.


Now, Kira and her friends are on the run, playing a dangerous cat and mouse game with Thorne and his forces. Kira is committed to refilling the world’s waterways, but each time she uses her ability, Thorne draws one step closer to finding her. When Thorne captures one of her friends, Kira must make a choice. She can either make a deal with the devil or launch a daring rescue. The repercussions of her decision will take her to the other side of the planet, to the cradle of human civilization, and an encounter with a tree that shouldn’t even exist.


Is it possible this tree could tip the odds of survival in their favor?


Will it be enough to save a dying planet?


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