Uncertain Summer


"Searching for Sasquatch is a popular theme, but novelist Jessica Lee Anderson introduces a quest with a twist in UNCERTAIN SUMMER. As protagonist Everdil Jackson turns 12, her future is clouded by financial hardships. Television producers offer a cool million for indisputable evidence of Bigfoot's existence, so she, her brother and two friends set out to find that proof. Does the creature exist? Is it a hoax? Certainty is elusive until the climactic end of the book. Readers with a hunger for outdoor adventure and the mysteries of cryptozoology will love joining Everdil's unstoppable team."—Kelly Milner Halls, award-winning author of many nonfiction titles including IN SEARCH OF SASQUATCH


"For every kid who has ever dreamed of doing something big, who has mourned friendships past, who has known with all their heart that they can make a difference...UNCERTAIN SUMMER is an absolute must!"—P.J. Hoover, award-winning author of TUT: THE STORY OF MY IMMORTAL LIFE


"One thing is certain, UNCERTAIN SUMMER is an action packed adventure you don't want to miss!"—Margie Longoria, Librarian and Book Blogger (Margie's Must Reads)


By Jessica Lee Anderson


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Hardcover, Science Fiction




For decades something has lurked in the swampy lakes of East Texas. Could it be the elusive Bigfoot?


Everdil Jackson thinks so. Her whole life she’s grown up listening to the stories of the Bigfoot sightings around Uncertain, Texas. When a TV show offers a million dollars to the person that can provide conclusive proof of Bigfoot, Everdil, her brother, and two friends form a team to snap a picture of the beast. With any luck, they’ll prove the impossible and win the money Everdil’s family badly needs. But tracking a monster, especially one nobody’s been able to catch, proves trickier than Everdil expected. With each new adventure, Everdil seems to create more problems with her friends and family than she solves. In the end, she has to hope that her brave, foolish actions will ultimately make things right with everyone, including Bigfoot.


Written by award-winning author Jessica Lee Anderson, UNCERTAIN SUMMER reminds us that hope and loyalty are traits we all share, no matter our size.

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